Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Woo hoo ... lion dance 2 days in a row...

I was very fortunate that I could see lion dance 2 days in row....
One was at 1 U and the other at Mid Valley..
Well it was so happened that we were there.....

It seems that there are some of changes on the lion head...
They include a LED light at the lion head, the color more striking ..
It looks very sharp...

Compare to the previous year, the lion dance performance is more simple..
It is more to the performance to attract the kids .....
Last time there is a stunt on walking a thin wire rope...
This time I do not see it.. mayb it is too risky and very highly train skill lion dance performer.

We enjoy the show very much .....
It is very CNY FEEL when see this lion dance..
It always amaze me ....

I thought of having lion dance during the CNY @ my house ..
Wonder how much will it cost .. RM200 .. RM300....
                                                                    Lion Dance @ 1 U

                                                           Lion dance @ MidValley


  1. Waow, LED light on the lion head? This is a good improvement! :) I must go there to catch the lion show as well

  2. LOL.. but i am not sure when they will perform again..
    the performance is about 10~15mins ... kinda short huh..

  3. CNY around the corner! Can't wait!! Wish you having a prosperous year ahead!! :)

    Yup! Sabahan seafood bah! :)

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  4. Meitzeu - happy Chinese new year to u also. Don't eat so much seafood ...... Later become fat. Lol

  5. Happy chinese new year~ =)

    Btw cool lion dance with led, haha =)

  6. Happy chinese new year to you too..
    I think next year.. everything will be with LED light..
    then we can have lion dance at night...
    Not a bad idea huh....

  7. gong hei fatt choy. ive yet to catch any lion dance although i've seen the troopers moving around. lol.