Thursday, January 19, 2012

Bak Kwa... Finger Licking Good....

Every CNY, there are 2 important food that must have in my house....
1) Kuih Kapit
2) Bak Kwa...

Without these.. it will not be CNY......

(Kuih Kapit)
Everyone in the house loves it.
Ever year I have to buy at least 10 tins .. (yes not typo error .. it is 10 tins)..
We found one kuih kapit from Klang .. the taste is very good ..
(here again .. klang food is always PLC - Peng Leng Ceng).
Sugar level & the santan is just "PERFECTO" 
I could finish 1/2 a tin by a session .....
Price is a reasonable . RM18/tin (for 100 pcs)...

(Bak Kwa)
Bak Kwa is another one of the favourite food during CNY.....
We don't really like Loong Kee, Kiew Brothers or Bee Chiang Hiang .. (too commercialize)
The price is very expensive...

My fav is the Sun WIng Heong .. (only 1 shop at PJ SS2).
You try it and you love it .. It had been 3 years in a row that we are getting Sun Wing Heong Bak Kwa..
                                                     All Bak Kwa is ready packed

                                                              Price list for Bak Kwa 

                                                        Nice packing....... (very spring feel)

                                   As you can see that the Bak Kwa is the slice not minced meat
           It is slightly harder. I do not like the minced meats as they include some "Unwanted Meat"

                                                                      The address

This year we tried out a new brand....
Hock Bee Hiong .. I got it from my colleagues and the taste is good also...
Well another option .. I still keep my options open ....
Not only stick to 1 brand.......
The price is RM39/600g (good deal huh)

Hmm I still prefer Sun Wing Heong....

                                      It is minced meats and it is softer compare to the slice meat.

                                         My breakfast ... Bak Kwa with bread - yummy yummy

                                                                           The address 


  1. oh, my important CNY food is pineapple tarts! i think i can eat 10 at one go :D

  2. What about Bee Chang Heong?

    Anyway after the incident from Oloiya, i think a lot of their customer will explore other brand ady

  3. Sean - is not so popular at my house . maybe we have not find a really good one....

    fiSeel - Bee Chang Heong? Is it good?
    Well that is the problem on too commercialize products.. I prefer those homemade things - 100% asli.

  4. I've a packet of Kiew Brothers that somebody gave me. Not buying any as eventually I will be eating it all myself. Not so popular these days as it's so easy to get...unlike in my younger days - it was like gold!

  5. suituapui - so it is gold for me now .. it shall b matter of time that i shall treat it as "rock" lol

  6. bak kwa is such a must for cny! and i can bak kwa everyday, love it with bread and some meat floss as well. awesome meal!

    gong xi fa cai!

  7. missyblurkit : yup yup i love it so much ... Bak Kwa now very expensive .. can't afford to eat everyday :p

  8. Agree. to date Sun Wing Heong Bak Kwa has not given me anything complaints and my compliments to them. BCH ... found fungus and not properly cooked if you buy prepacked oned during cny. LK ... solid and dry.
    My dad started eating with SWH and I'm following suit ... many years now. Keep up the good price and maintain the price.