Friday, January 13, 2012

Jan Lamb .. Stand up comedy - Something Scary @ Genting

My wife got a few DVDs of his stand up comedy talk shows.
It was really good.... and I had a good laff of it ...
(actually it hit a record in Hong Kong for a stand up comedy show)

His jokes are really good... it is not like those dumb lame jokes..
This guy also can sing very well..

I already got tickets the for his live stand up comedy show @ Genting Arena..
Can't wait for it ....

                                                     Free Ang Pows for his fans

He will come to Sungei Wang Plaza to meet the fans on this Friday (13/Jan) - 8.30pm...


  1. I love his show!! Get his signature for me, Will ya?

  2. Gosh I have lost touch with the entertainment world already.

    Am like a dinosaur already. Still preferred angpau packets that is red in color instead of gold/yellow. Hmm..banks this year seems to be very slow in distributing angpau packets :(

  3. fiSeel - hmm hopefully i could go to sungei wang tonight...

    Small Kucing - well have to keep in touch with the entertainment world. It will be my family outing... kids will love it...

    I just got some packets of angpow .. Maybank is good (a dragon pic)

  4. Wish to watch the show but bringing my 3 yrs old daughter long seem like not a good idea, do you think so? >.<

  5. choi yen : why not. Many dancing, singing as well. It is not just only talking .. that is why i like about his stand up comedy talk show It is kinda "FUSION".. I tag my kids along as well..

    Small kuching : have to catch up ..cannot totally lost touch of it .... at least we have some conversation with our kids when they grow up...
    My mother in law still very up to date about the entertainment industry.. she even get Lee Hom's concert .. (say that he is very handsome .. muahahahahahaha)