Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Pun Choy ....... (cepat dimasak sedap dimakan)

Nowadays Pun Choy is getting very famous ..
it is simple meal and it has everything that you need. Very convenience.
This is because a lot of people do eat outside in the eve of the Chinese New Year.
No need to trouble mum to cook the big meal .. n  nowadays the family's size is not so big..
So if you cook a lot then you can't finish the meal...

For a price of RM388 you could able to eat at home, mum can spend more time playing with her grandchildren, no need to be in hurry (some restaurant will try to rush you) so that they could get another round of customer.

Besides that Dragon I also give you the pot for FOC....

Good concept for the modern living n good business tactics......



  1. oh, my family really enjoys eating poon choy too! though i'm trying to look for a cheaper pot. something below RM300 (i guess without abalone) =)

  2. The idea seems good, but RM388 is very pricy leh? Did you buy? Are they good?

  3. sean - i am going to klang this friday for a family reunion dinner. i had ordered the pun choy as well .. I think the price is below RM300.
    Shall update you on this ... (as you know klang foor is PLC - peng leng cheng)

    fiSeel - I didn't buy. coz my mum still wants her job LOL. She prefer to cook for the CNY eve dinner .. and she is not into the idea concept of MAGGI mee.. LOL

  4. instant poon choy. quite a brilliant idea for pot luck and lazy people.

  5. missy - yup reduce the hassle so ppl tend to become lazy .....