Wednesday, January 25, 2012

JB for Iphone 4S & Ipad 2

If you planned to JB your Iphone 4S or Ipad 2 please click the link below for DIY :-


Enjoy... Cheers!!!!!


  1. Yay, iphone 3gs also can right? hehe

  2. Can.. but you need to upgrade to 5.0.1..
    Most important to back up everything first..
    Good luck...

  3. Not for me, poor pensioner can't afford. Wah..."simple person" has got Iphone and Ipad kah? Where got simple like that? LOL!!!

  4. Emily - I saw how it was done .. SIMPLE .. n yet some ppl send 4 JB with a fee of RM100... real easy money.....

  5. suituapui - LOL...
    i don't have iphone.. but recently i got an ipad2 for my wife
    HAPPY WIFE = Make my life to b simple n happy (a very simple theory of mine)
    I m just using my company's BB.. that is y sometime u c some of the poor pic quality in my blog...