Sunday, January 15, 2012

Teppan Yaki ... (with free ajinomoto)

Everytime when we were at the shopping mall .. the questions of what to eat is always a big problem...
My wife is a bit picky & undecisive ... however fast food is always out of her options.....

We thought of having dinner @ 1 U since we are going to redeem our free movie tickets .......
Again the problem question pop out again .."What to eat ...."
Passed by the new food court and saw a teppanyaki stall..
So I suggested and without much thinking my wife agree to it........

The name of the stall is Kulin Teppanyaki .. (Don't ask me why)...

We look at the menu and decided to order meal set (which is come with soup, beanstrouts, choy sum & rice),,,
I ordered a chicken chop set and my wife order the salmon set....(which is not in the big value pic above)

(choy sum, beanstrout & ABC soup)
choy sum & beanstrout - taste is OK but too much of ajinomoto
ABC Soup was OK .. but too much of ajinomoto .. (of course is not as good as homemade soup)
                                                 Free Ajinomoto - put a lot to taste GOOOD...

                              I love the fried chopped garlic (requested to put extra).. is good...

(chicken chop)
Mushroom sauce with too much of ajinomoto again .... n a bit too much of butter ...
(my wife is on diet for the CNY feast ...)

                                                           Chicken chop & salmon

Opps the chef is too fast didn't manage to capture the sprinkle of  Ajinomoto

2 words - "Too Fishy" (Hou Sen)
It is not good.. so I don't bother to capture the pic .....
It could be a better if they reduce the AJINOMOTO ....
Both of us were so thirsty after the meal .......

If you love Ajinomoto .. then is the place for you......


  1. Hi! Thanks for dropping by my blog. I've linked you in my blogroll.

    I'm not into Japanese but I don't mind teppanyaki. That certainly is a strange looking Japanese in your pic. LOL!!! Ya...I don;t like excessive msg in my food either...

  2. :) some japanese are good....
    Mayb u go to those not so good fast food jap restaurant. U could try Sushi Zanmai .. I like their sushi n shashimi....

  3. Hmmm I know what to skip if i go to that foodcourt again :)

  4. When I was studied in KL last year, most of KL shopping mall does have at least one Teppanyaki restaurant. Kinda hard to find one in Sabah

  5. lol! ajinomoto, hmm nowadays everywhere seems to be using ajinomoto like nobody's business, especially chinese eateries. What to do, homecooked meals still the best. :)

    Thanks for dropping by my blog ya

  6. 1U has food court already? lol i don't even know that! teppanyaki may not be my favourite, my japanese food is one of my liking :)

    Latest: CNY Buffet; Eat ALL You Can!

  7. FiSeel - Hmm .. actually the taste is OK but i just cannot tahan the MSG

    Diane : Hmm why not open a Teppan Yaki yourself ... then you be in good business .. The pioneer.. actually that day was my first experience to eat teppan yaki .. muahahahaha

    Isaac : yup yup...... that's why so many restaurant with no MSG is so popular now .. Tangg Sify .. Chao Ren.. n etc ...
    Soon mum/housewife will b jobless .. LOL...

  8. Fish - yup 1 U has its own food court.... besides that there are many changes over there ..... many new shops, restaurants ... JJ also remodify... kinda quite happening ... )

  9. what a great post! :) Thank you. Finally I found out what ingredients were in Teppan Yaki we had had few months ago :) Just would like to clarify ajinomoto seasoning - what exactly is that?

    1. Ajinomoto also known monosodium glutamate is added because it enhances the umami taste (savory). It makes all foods taste great.
      Then it makes us very thirsty.. if the food is very fresh it doesn't need to put this MSG.

    2. thank you for your answer :) and maybe one more question :))) would you know what kind of sauce was on the chicken? :) I know funny question - but here in central Europe this kind of dish is considered as highly exotic :)))

    3. I try to google it .. I think you could check this url..
      have a good day ya..