Tuesday, January 31, 2012

7th Day - Yan Yat Day ... (Happy Birthday everyone)

So fast n today is the 7th day of CNY .....
Happy Birthday...........

Well not so much activity for today...
I am still tired from yesterday BBQ... and clean up the house a bit after the yesterday party...
Everyone was still in the sleeping mode n very tired .. LOL....
Planning to go to Puchong to get some prayers stuff for the prayers on the 9th Day (Pai Tin Kung)....
The prayers material are a lot cheaper compare to PJ...
It is about 50% cheaper..... Can you believe it?

                                                            Sea of Chrysanthemum ......

                                                                  Sea of Pineapples ...

                                                                   Seas of BANANAS

                                              Prosperity tower of  "Mee Sua n Man Tou"

                                                Sugar Cane .. a must for Pai Tin Kung...

                                              Big Joss Stick n Tin Kung House......

                                                    Many sizes of Tin Kung house.....

                                          Assorted "FATT KOU" n other cakes...

My parents would like to eat something light after so many days of feasting....
I thought of a shop in Puchong that sell "Tin Kai porridge" near the IOI boulevard area...
Sorry no pictures.. too lazy to snap...
The name in English is DST...
In chinese is call Dai Si Tau Nga Bou Tin Kai Chuk (Big Tree - Claypot Frog Porride)

Comments -
1) Tin Kai (frogs) are fresh n the meat is just cook (not overcook or raw.. just nice)
2) Dishes are very normal - eg. steam vege, onion fried eggs, ikan kembung, black pomfret, spring roll
3) Prices - I think it is reasonable.....
4) They have another dish - Claypot Kung Pou Eel ..
(i tried b4 l.. but i feel that the taste is a bit odd) maybe i use to eat the Jap. Unagi  ...


  1. I like your "sea of..." series. :-)
    Frog... I didn't realize it was available in Malaysia.

    1. ooo .. frog .. aka tin kai 田鸡
      LOL ..

  2. Your Sea of Chrysanthemum reminds me of cameron highland :)

    1. i guess that they bring the whole cameron to puchong.. LOL...

  3. Hmmm...the sea of bananas....lol! ;-P

  4. Wow! A lot of stuff to prep for this ceremony! =D

  5. yup .. means more $$$ need to prepare as well..

  6. Happy belated 人日!

    Pai Tin Kung is a big celebration in my hometown here. Very grand and happening! Most of the pricing is raised due to the festival.

    1. @ my hometown (ipoh) also d same .. very happening n noisy...
      However @ PJ kinda a bit bored..
      My house was d only one (along the street) that pray for Tin Kung...
      tot of playing the fire cracker but feel a bit paiseh..

  7. Happy Chinese New Year to you!:) It must have been a blast of a celebration last night during the Pai Ti Kong hours ;)

    1. happy CNY 2 u too...
      it is just a small n simple prayers .....

  8. happy birthday! i had a fun time seeing strange look from pals when i wished them happy birthday. and they are local Chinese.

    Our Kiwi photographer for Sunday's car shoot picked it up quite fast and happily wished all happy birthday.

    1. yup .. some ppl also don't know abt it also..
      i think it mainly for the canton ppl...
      kekeke .. just a wild guess...

      u should tell d Kiwi to prepare presents for everyone.. LOL....

  9. I had pretty good tin kai porridge at KL before. It is located near to Batu Caves area though. :)

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    Meitzeu @ Twitter

  10. hehehe .. i think it should b restaurant Pan Heung..
    Yup i love their food also.....

  11. heheh, after the sea of chrysanthemums and fruits, i was nearly expecting to see a photo of a real sea after that! a sea of water :D claypot eel actually sounds quite interesting. i'd order that too if i saw it on a menu =)

    1. :D .. I tried d eel .. but i don't feel good abt the taste...
      Mayb u like it ..

  12. 7th Day? I thought 9th Day, people pai thi kong? And 9th Day's also the Hokkien New Year? I'm not so familiar with these things, being a Christian and a banana... :(

    1. Yup...It is on d 9th pai tin kong...
      on d 7th i bought all the prayers material .. coz 8th (monday) need to work . no time to buy..

  13. But those places selling stuffs will have terrible jam, just like what happen in front of my house >.<

    1. yup .. i parked my car quite far away... then i ask their workers to help me to carry back to my car..