Monday, January 23, 2012

Jalan Jalan Tak Jumpa Makan............. aihhhhh

Few things that I do not like during Festive seasons @ Ipoh :-
1) Restaurant are close for the long holiday
2) Restaurant crowded w/ ppl
3) Food is more expensive than usual
4) The food quality is BAD!!

On d eve of CNY we went out to have some breakfast:-
1) Most of the restaurant were close
  - Sun Yuen Long - famous white coffee
  - Hakka Mee - town area
  - Curry Noodles - town area

Very disappointed .......

Didn't give me many choices .. so I decided to go back to my house area..
To my surprise we saw one good restaurant which is selling Hakka Noodles ..
We are so happy...

                                                         Hakka Noodles .. can't get in KL

                                     Assorted fried stuff  (one of my fav is the fried sengkuang)..

                                       Meat balls (have small pcs of octopus) n Yeung Tau Hu...

                                      It cost me RM12 for 2 person.. Good deal during CNY season..


  1. I feel you... unless you eat in shopping centre right?
    During festive season better eat at home haha

  2. charmaine - :) well when I am @ Ipoh .. I can't resist d temptation of the Ipoh food so must Jalan Jalan.... sadly I found out that 2 Ipoh food that must eat is already "extinct" - Popiah (Ipoh Gdn) & the Wat Tan Ho (Bentung)... AIHHHHHHH

  3. The mee looks good, Sarawak kolo mee?

  4. fiSeeL - i think it more to Ipoh kolo mee (Hakka mee). Coz ipoh has a lot of hakka ppl. so that is why they call it Hakka mee...