Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Ipoh Pak Ko Pi ......

Most of you all know that Sun Yuen Loong is one of the famous Ipoh Pak Ko Pi  kopitiam...
I don't dare to say that it is the original .. coz i don't know their history..

However this is my story of Sun Yuen Loong.....
Back in 20 years ago I used to follow my grandfather to minum kopi at Sin Yuen Loong..
Never heard about white coffee at that time .. 
It is only KOPI ... My grandfather always invite me "Lim Ko Pi" (in hokkien - drink coffee)
LOL ... well I don't really fancy KOPI .. where got 6~7 years old kid start to minum KOPI..
I drink "Coca Cola" n "Kai Ka Po - 2nd mistress (Kickapoo)" n have a char kuey teow...

So whenever I go back Ipoh, I will stop by Sun Yin Loong for a nice cup of Pak Ko Pi..
It feels very  Déjà vu .... hey i still remember my grandfatther's usual seats .. 

My MIL also loves Pak Ko Pi very much..
I came across a shop that sells its own Pak Ko Pi .. taste is nice..
Some say that it is from the original Pak Ko Pi @ Sun Yuen Loong.....

                             The stall is @ Pasar Besar Ipoh.......(another authentic old building)

                                                     2 shops lots ... Yew Kong Coffee
                                                         Assorted white coffee beans......

                                                      Assorted other coffee beans .. 

       I got few packets of their hot selling -Ipoh Coffee Cappucino .. (I couldn't find it at KL supermarkets)

                                                            Their Business Card
So if you love Ipoh Pak Ko Pi ... there is another choice for you to choose.....
It much about personal presence .. so mesti cuba baru tahu....


  1. tthanks for the review and info!! :D
    would check it if i have chance one day =]

  2. I've always wondered why it's called "White" coffee in Malaysia. Is it because it's always taken with milk or is there some other reason?

  3. nice story. it reminds me of me and my grandfather too, when i was in primary school and sometimes joined him on early-morning walks to his favorite coffee shops. i can't remember what i drank though. maybe coffee, but with a lot of milk, heheh :D

  4. Stella n meitzeu - it depends on individual preference. Don't give much high hope. U can't find it @ normal supermarket.
    Sean - it become HISTORY ady.....
    The yum list - it is d way to roast d coffee. Not so dark. Tats y they call it pak ko pi.

  5. The pics bring back so many fond memories! I've not been back to Ipoh for years!

  6. coffee! never drank much of it as a child. dad said it was poison for lil girls.

    but i am sure taking a lot of this poison these days. hehehe but not as much as daddy does though.

  7. Lucy - :) I seldom go back to ipoh .. but each time i am back there is always surprise for me....

    Missy - poison??? LOL....