Thursday, January 26, 2012

3rd Day CNY - Steamboat @ MIL

3rd day and I am still feasting for CNY...
I had steamboat at my MIL's place...
Kinda simple meal .......


                                                                d SUPER Sauce........

                                                                       Lots of BALLS

                                                                          BIG Tiger Prawns

                                                                   Yummy Big Prawns.....

                                                 Thin slices of PORK .. good for Shabu Shabu...

Lots of Vege

Need to work out this weekend ...
I started working yesterday and I felt so exhausted .......
FAT = TIRED ..... aihhhhhh


  1. The steamboat looks good, very fresh ingredients. Actually quite healthy, right. Still got another 10 days of Chinese new year eating before Chap Goh Mei :D

  2. Sean n Meitzeu - Good food just need to b fresh n simple

  3. steamboat is such a brilliant thing for cny gatherings. its generally healthy and one can just go on eating for ages while chatting!

    perfect meal too during cny drinking session:D

  4. When everytime I was given a choice between steamboat and BBQ, I would definitely love steamboat because first, it is much easier to prepare and cook compare BBQ. Second I can have all the yong tau fu family; fishball lah, crabball lah, squid ball lah, fish cake and many more. Hahaha

    Happy Chinese New Year to you :D

    1. lol.. i saw so many people having steamboat nowadays during CNY~ anyways, it a nice one~ =D

  5. Missy - opps .. drinking session during steamboat :) It usually rain during the night and the whether is cool . just perfect for steamboat..

    Dianne - hahaha ..... My MIL usually make the BALLS by herself.. sometime the taste a bit weird .. eg. fish meat + carrot n etc.....

    Mr. Lonely - it is easy, simple n healthy... perfect for everyone to have gathering n reunion...

  6. You can't beat a good steamboat for a group meal. It's great for lingering over for a few hours and the best bit is that it gets better as the night progresses.

  7. Waow, those prawn looks very fresh!! The soup must be good also ya!

  8. The Yum List - Totally agree with you..

    fiSeeL - Of course the prawns cost a fortune .. LOL....

  9. Yummmm!!! I love steamboat. I think I will have that for Chap Goh my parents' but they are allergic to prawns so those would be out of the question. :(

  10. suituapui - Get the thin slice of pork/fish meat..
    it is equally nice.... or maybe some lala
    or some premium stuff .. ABALONE .. i m sure ur parents will b HAPPYYYYYY