Saturday, February 25, 2012

Bottle Mineral water vs Amway water filter

Mineral water bottle for our daily drinking water...?
Yup .. my company is providing bottle mineral water for their staff..
Each day I am drinking about 4~5 bottles/day
( I guess that if a bottle cost RM1.00 .. then I been drinking about RM5.00/day)

Only 2 bottles left in my room.......

Yesterday my company just installed a Amway water filter..
n now the company has stop supply us the bottle mineral water ....
It is only mainly for the guest and the VIPs.....

I have not taste the Amway water yet .. but I heard that it is very good...
Safe to drink without any hesitation.. LOL...

d design looks very modern.....

Now I need to buy myself a tupperware for filling up water for my daily drinking.....

Well hope that with this saving .. the company could give a bigger bonus this year.. LOL ..
Waiting n hoping........


  1. Of course filtered water is not as good as mineral water...but it's better than tap water, even after boiling.

  2. Wahhh.... a bit wasteful to drink bottled water everyday right? What happens if you want to drink hot water? Do you use the bottled water as well?

  3. Amway water filter design look very high tech dough...

  4. oooh, my office has the usual kind of water cooler/dispenser with the big bottle on top, with choices of hot or cold water. i guess i've taken it for granted all these years. if they ever stop supplying us with water, i'll be quite sad! :D

  5. Here's hoping those nasty plastic water bottles will all be eliminated. Filter, reduce waste, save our earth. :-)

  6. I think it's a smart investment. Filtered water is definetely safer and healthier ;)

  7. I heard that too much mineral water is bad for you in some way. Not sure how, but my aunt once told me when i was little. Something about too much minerals in our body is bad.

  8. I heard that mineral water is not so good for body if taking for long term. Thank God that you can drink better water than mineral water now. You company is quite good already, we have to boil our own water in the pantry. I always bring a big tumbler with water from home.

  9. Waow, ur company is so good! I heard Amway's water filter machine is one of the better ones in the market :)

  10. I also using Amway Water Filter for 4 years+. The water so clean and good. And the filter so advaced and high tech in terms of killing virus and bacteria, saving time and money. It has monitoring system that showing the lifetime of the cartridge, so you will know when to replace the cartridge.

  11. Good to know that you are drinking espring water now. The bottled water that you are drinking previously is not safe as it is Tap water . Please read label. Blue cap and white cap bottled water is not mineral water. Want to lnow more about details. Cpntact me.