Thursday, February 9, 2012

15th day CNY - Chap Goh Meh (Happy Chinese Valentine)

After 14 days of Feasting.. it finally comes to an end....
So far I had the most enjoyable CNY... especially spending some good quality times with my family n friends...
I saw the movie I love Hong Kong 2012 .. n i feel that it was really good.....
Their message is very meaningful ...
it was predicted that by 21/Dec/2012 will b d end of the world...
So let's spend more times with our loves ones ..
if it is not true then at least we have earn more times with our family and loves one..
there is nothing to loose.......

Not much activities today.. it was a lazy Monday for me..
As I am still recover from our Cameron trip yesterday......
I woke up at 10.00am and so some house chores.... clean up a bit ... do some laundry n so on..
Then we off to Kuan Yin temple at PJ for d 15th day prayers ... we ate lunch over there as well.
There are serving vegetarian .....
After that we went to visit my MIL (her house abt 5 mins drive from my house).
Lepak there a bit .. eat some sweet corn from Cameron ... then went back to my house...

Watched some TVB series and then have my afternoon nap..

Ring ring ring....
My MIL called and invite us to go makan @ Coconut Flower, Teluk Gong...
It had been years that I had not been there.. coz i heard d food is not good....

Not much changes on d interior...
The Yee Sang counter...

D Yee Sang .... not good .. n the crispy keropok is very hard...
Bamboo Clams .. medium size ... (taste is average)
Homemade Tauhu... (I don't feel so special abt this tauhu .... taste lower than average) 
Lala Fried Mi Hun - d lala is very small (below than average)
Thai style chicken - (so so only ...)..
Fried Bi Hun (Har kou) - one of d best dish in d evening (good) 
Fried sotong (taste is average...)
Coconut wine n Guinness Stout.. 
(the coconut wine is so sweet .. we suspect that they had put some sugar)
It is not so fresh....
We didn't order the crab.. coz they are serving d flower crab instead of the meat crab..
We saw d dish @ other tables and seems not delicous ... so we don't bother to order..
After so many years I have not been there and the quality of food has not improve... maybe getting worst...
The total bill is RM140.....
Not worth to visit this place again...


  1. coconut wine? that's toddy, right? i've only tried toddy once, at a chinese restaurant in puchong, but i didn't enjoy the taste. it was a bit too strange...
    and oh, nope, i've never tried driving to genting, cameron & ipoh all in one day. actually, it's been many years since i've been to any of those three places =)

    1. I tried seafood restaurant @ Kampung Koh, Sitiawan .. n it was really fresh n sweet (due to d freshness)..
      The toddy was gather in the early morning and serve to us during lunch time..
      plus some portion of Black Dog Beer.. it was superb...
      2 thumbs up ..
      u should go to ipoh one day... eat some good local food..
      thought of it .. i feel like going back liao...LOL

  2. Long time ago, my friend told me that this is the place to visit for Klang seafood. Can't believe standard has dropped so much...such a pity

    1. Yes indeed....
      it is very commercialize now.. like a chinese McDonoald..
      however d price still below d average..
      so still ok gher...

  3. Replies
    1. Look good .. but taste not so nice..
      kinda not fresh ..

  4. I've been here once for dinner (: I think the food is still not bad. You should try their butter prawns! I tried the coconut wine too for the first time, never like the taste HEH

    p/s: about the tiramisu, which one do you mean? the layer cake or the one in cup? :P

    1. A fresh coconut wine really taste good....
      I saw d other table order d butter prawns n coconut curry prawns .. not so nice too..
      so we didn't order....
      I meant both - cup n layer. Nice?

  5. I think I agree with you that the food here has somewhat lost its tasty touch compared to the many years ago I used to frequent it. Must be because it has become too popular and most of the time is crowded too. I have said goodbye to this restaurant and I think there are plenty other restaurants serving better food.

    1. Nod Nod Nod .. why travel so far ya?
      i guess that d place bcome too commercialize n food quality drops a lot...
      Thanks for dropping by...

  6. Wah... so many below average. =/
    Anyway hope 2012 doesn't ends here and be great for you!
    Cutebun blog
    Cutebun FB page

    1. thank you thank you...
      .. same to u tooo..
      have a great year a head...

  7. Ya...the food does not look that great. Wouldn't wanna go there...

  8. 2 types of bee hoon, one with lala and another with har kao? But because lala is small, hence the dish is below average?

    Paying RM140 for below-average food is not worthy, I reckon.

    1. We order the bee hon har kou .. and it was really good.
      The har kou is big n juicy...
      Then we ordered the fried bee hon .. it taste like normal economy fried bee hon ..
      not much meat.....

  9. Your last day in CNY 2012 was not bad wert! At least you caught a nap in the afternoon. I love taking nap very much. I was working on Monday and Tuesday. My company was operating in these two public holidays. Sigh!

    1. so cham .. Mon n Tues have to work..
      u must be very sien......
      Anyway .. no more holidays now .. until May...
      have to keep on work work work ...

  10. The yee sung looks like those u can buy from Jusco... doesn't have much fresh ingredient inside

    1. u seems like yee sung pro..
      sekali tengok already tahu.. no need to try .. LOL..
      Check out on my Ipoh yee sung..
      so much difference...

  11. Yikes. Looks like Coconut Flower is now a no-go. Their toddy was never good, in my opinion.

    1. :)
      but once a while we can try..
      they still d legend of good seafood....
      mayb they improve... LOL..

  12. quite envy you ler can eat so many good food~

    1. No need to envy.... u too can do d same thing.
      i love KLANG food..
      PLC (Peng Leng Cheng)..
      I always go to Klang....

  13. 15th already still take Yee Sang? Hehe, this year I had too many Yee Sang already, abit 'jelak' already :P

    1. Start with yee sang n end with yee sang mah....
      I still love the yee sang that I eat @ pusing man cheong....

      never feel jelak...

  14. food here seems to be getting bad. was there last july. too crowded and food wasn't the best.

  15. the food doesn't seem appealing to begin with. :S

  16. I have never heard or been to this restaurant. Mmm. wonder if any of my friends know this place who can take me there. I love the sweet corn from camerons!