Saturday, May 12, 2012

Eat Siu Yuk by the Simple Person way... (non halal)

I know that there are lots of pork lovers out there...
And I am one of it.....

There is this particular siu yuk stall in SS2 wet market...
So far this is the best siu yuk that I tasted so far......
Now she only sells on Sat & Sun only ..
she might go on holidays for few weeks .......

why i like so much about the siu yuk is that ... the meat is very juicy (roasted as the whole pig)
some siu yuk is roasted on the belly meat only..

total = RM35 (slightly expensive for a wet market std)

3 layer meat .. crispy skin ....

Now here come the Simple Person way of eating siu yuk...

1) Toast the bread.....

2) Put "decent" amount of butter ...

3) put some lettuce and some fat juicy siu yuk

4) Fianaly add some KEWPIE salad mayonnaise....

5) fold it into half and open your mouth big big and BITE....

Damage : Tummy will become big, high cholesterol and HIGH SATISFACTION....

I ended with a bowl of white white (tau fu fah + soya bean milk)......

D signature drink from Funny Mountain Soya Milk, Ipoh


  1. Never mind the bread. I can eat the roast pork just like that...anytime! Yummmmmm!!!!! LOL!!!

  2. OMG!!!!!!!!!!! I think we buy siew yoke from the same stall!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The siew yoke there really is the best! My mum gets them every Sat and then we'll have siew yoke fried rice for dinner! :D

  3. Haha...roast pork with bread. That's so special. Taste good not?

  4. My fav too the roasted pork but I prefer dipped into a spicy sauce and eaten like that. I used to stay in SS2 for so many years and the wet market used to be the place I do my weekly marketing as well as tau pau food back home for breakfast.

  5. wakakaka, so you are siu yuk lover?? those little bit RM35 is quite expensive.. but they look nice!!

  6. and what a nice way of having the siu yuk!! i like it, haha.. though a bit fattening but ok lah, once in a while somemore it's breakfast nvm lah..

  7. i want to try this some time, thanks for the recipe, haha!! :)

  8. am i the only one no likey siu yuk? :/

  9. tempting! if you ever open a cafe and you have this siu yuk sandwich on the menu, i promise to be your first customer! :D

  10. Wahh.. thats extremely sinful! Butter + Mayo + Fatty pork!

  11. that's a nice idea to eat the siu yok and a brilliant sandwich idea that i will like to try for our next furkids picnic...sandwich for humans lah.

  12. Wah...this is the way you sandwich the siu yuk. Looks very sedap lo!!!
    BTW..the siu yuk indeed looks nice..bcos not much of fats =p

  13. Like the way how you enjoy the Siew Yok , sound yummy!

  14. i dont care..i'll just go exercise and burn that cholesterol
    and eat more... *_*
    im going to make this and share this to the whole school...
    sharing is caring, right?
    the simple person way...

  15. Oh No! I shouldn't have come here and seen this. Now I have to try!