Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Wedding Gifts.......

I had an Italian colleague who will be getting married soon.....
We support each other in our work...
Recently he came to Malaysia for some techincal support on the production......

Thought of getting him some Malaysian souvenior for his wedding gift.....
My wife suggested to get him some pewter products .....
She told me to go to Tumasek Pewter .. coz Royal Selangor Pewter is very expensive....

I found out that there is a sales branch office at Amcorp Mall .....

It is been years that I have not been to Amcorp Mall...

just a small shop

some information of Tumasek Pewter...

Decided to buy a pair of Dragon and Phoenix cups for the wedding gift..
Cost is around RM245 after 10% discount...

I thought of engrave their names on the cup..

I went to the 2nd floor for the engraving..
this shop is one of the Tumasek's dealers..
I think their price seems a bit cheaper compare to their shop..
Many varieties as well....

Dragon (His) cup - Andrea

Phoenic (Her) cup - Lavinia

Cost - RM5/cup (minimum charges)

Later the night we had dinner together to celebrate her last Bachelor day in Malaysia....

Some of my female colleagues keep on saying that he looks like Matt Damon..

So much difference ....
I wonder which parts looks like him.. lol
the beers...

A small tip .. if you go to Amcorp mall, please do not park your car outside (parking lot)
this is because the charge is RM4/ 2 hours and if you park inside the Mall is only cost RM2/ 2 hours


  1. Yes, your colleague doesn't look like Matt Damon at all.. But he's quite good looking, hehe.

    That is a nice gift~

  2. that is a very nice gift, very well thought huh somemore with their names engraved, Andrea and Lavinia sure like it!!

    yeah, you are right.. need to go to the back of the building and go up the parking for cheaper rates..

    1. yup ..... never know about it ..
      have to pay for a painful lesson.. sigh..
      well at least some ppl is benefit after read this post..

  3. Haha not bad la not quite look like Matt, but still handsome :D

  4. That pewter mug set is so beautiful! I love the dragon and phoenix pattern.

  5. Lovely pewter collection though I don't have any interest in pewter. Many of my friend however are in love with pewter and they will drool over those you have shared.

    1. mee too..
      i dont really fancy pewter ..
      but last time my boss told me that it is nice to cold drink beer in a pewter mug...

  6. @.@ ~~ i don't know pewter can be quite expensive.. (for me lah, for you = cheap) ~~ jkjk~~ XD

    1. wait till you c selangor pewter ..
      is much more expensive......

  7. Oooooo...what lovely pewter cups!!! I want!!! Hey, where were you when I got married? Muahahahahaha!!!!!

    1. i think that time i was training hard to become a swimming champ .. ;p

  8. I was at amcorp mall last weekend for a 2 days course. One of my friend parked outside and she got charged RM16. Of coz the next day she remembered to park inside and they only charged her RM2.heheh.

    1. yup .. when i queue up to pay..
      the guy in fornt of me is paying RM13...
      so expensive...

  9. No, he doesn't look like Matt Damon... Matt is more handsome, kekekeke. But if you do some airbrushing and Photoshop Andrea's picture, maybe there is some similarity, hihihi!

    I always like pewter products but don't have any because they are pricy.

  10. I think the eye balls lookalike Matt Damon, same blue colour ma!

  11. Dragon and Phoenix pewter cups looks very nice. Moreover engraving their name on it will be more meaningful. Hmm...which part alike ar? Hairstyle & color kua.... hahaha

  12. Nice gift. Thanks for the parking tip too.

  13. what a thoughtful gift :) it's good to remind them of malaysia

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  14. Hey bro, actually pewter is a very nice gift,I like it a lot, actually I would prefer to buy pewter pendants for friends,they may not be cheap but they are kind of rare, okay now back to your Italiano friend,, he looks anytime more handsome than Matt Damon lah

  15. ooo, i usually park outdoors at amcorp, cos it's easy to find a space and convenient to just walk inside (unless it's raining). didn't know there's a different charge! :D
    very interesting gift! i hope your friend likes the pewter cups =)

    1. coz when i pay at the autopay in the mall..
      it prompt me that it is invalid ..
      then the lady behind told me that I suppose to pay at the autopay outside....
      then i realise the rates are difference...

  16. Amcorp mall has lots of wierd wierd shop inside,~

    and it's bazaar every week sells very unique items there, worth a look

  17. Tumasek Pewter main office/factory is near my house, always see travel buses there brought many tourists there for shopping :P

  18. I like your Dragon & Phoenix Crafting Pewter Unique, and Grand Looking after all....