Thursday, January 3, 2013

My Simple 2013 New Year.....

My 2013 new year celebration was a good one...

Me and my wife were thinking whether want to go for those New Year countdown celebration like what we did last year...
After much discussion we decided to have a simple New Year Countdown..
As we know that it will be crowded and the traffic will be very bad..
unless we go to those prime countdown area using the LRT...

My New Year's Eve dinner was great .. My wife cook something for both of us....
These were what we had .......

The pork was very nice.. I felt that the texture and the taste is difference..
My wife told me that she bought the meat at Sanbanto
Is really GOOD (cost about RM10 for 2 pcs)

She even add on a cheese on the meat..
afraid that I am not fat enough.. lol (sorry the pic was a bit blur) 
was very kan cheong to eat...

I was so full after the dinner...
After that we went to Paradigm mall and have a taiwanese dessert...
We chat while eating some sweet dessert..
The feeling is really great.... another year that I spend together with my wife...
Think on all those great moments I had been together with her ... 2012 was really a year to remember...

I am not sure which combo that my wife order..
but it is nice...

Then when the strike of midnight, we could see fireworks outside my house balcony..
Maybe the firework was set up by some rich Datuks....

The next day we had our New Year Brunch at Alessio (Publica)
My friend told me that their food is great.. so we just went there and try it out...

Alessio at Publica...

We had pumpkin soup.. 
Taste is nice and creamy... but....
1) I found a small piece of plastic inside the soup and they change a new one for me...
2) The garlic bread was too oily...
3) It will be good if the pumpkin soup is hotter...

Smoke Salmon pizza..
I like it .. the crust is very good.. 
Not so thin and not so thick... but..
I need to wait for 45 mins for this pizza..

Pasta carbonara with fried chicken..
I also like this dish..
the fried chicken is very crispy and not very thick with bread crumbs...
I like the chili oil that they add beside the pasta. give an extra spicy kick on it..

It is a good place.. but certainly need a lot of improvement on their services...
Their pepper grinder is really a big problem.. 
I grind it for quite some time and the pepper hardly come out..
I guess that 80% of their workers are foreign.. 

I was so happy that I won 1st prize in Diana Teo's blog..
As I informed that I will travel more frequent with my wife in 2013.
I shall follow her free and easy travel itinerary
this is the 2nd time lucky for me... hopefully more "ONG" to come for year 2013... 

Thank you so much Diana...

(pic from Diana Teo)
These are the prizes that I won.... 

T-shirt from Philippines
Tote bag and key chain from Bali, Indonesia
Pouch from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Bookmark from Melbourne, Australia
Luggage tag from Bangkok, Thailand
Small pouch from Phuket, Thailand
Fridge magnet from Hong Kong  


  1. sounds like the best way to end a good year and to begin another good year ... spend it with the person you love the most in the world :D

  2. That's sure a prize with lots of goodies. Congratulations!

    Happy New Year to you and your family, SP! May all that you wish for come true in the new year.

  3. huhu, that's was lovely although it was a simple meal~
    night time eat geng food can liao~ XD

  4. much ONG pouring in within a week. Good Sign!!

    These days I also rather spend my new year eve at home...makan2 minum2...rather then got stuck in jam with people mountain people sea...later kena molest summore.

    Fui Fui prepared the meal looks yummy! The meat quite thick slice oso le..

    BTW..pumpkin soup u drank until almost finish only notice the plastic then change a new plate of soup ka? ^_^

    1. Untung you, SP. Can have 2 bowls of soup. Next time I must use this trick too :p plastic in the soup. Kakaka!

  5. SP, you really lucky this year. Just a few days after New Year, you won 1st prize already. So many gifts some more. Make me so jealous.

  6. Now I know why Anay said I am such easily contented woman. Look at your food from New Year eve to New Year day. All look so good and luxury.

  7. I just took Pan Mee as my breakfast, McD as my lunch on New Year day. And I told the world I had a very happy New Year day. How silly I am?

  8. Your fui fui is such a sweet darling to cook you special dinner on New Year eve. The grilled pork, tomatoes, fried egg, spaghetti, and cucumber, all in all your favourite I believe.

    1. You said you were damn full, but you went for 2nd round dessert of Taiwan. You must have forgotten your New Year resolution. Did you exercise after that? grrr....grrr....grrr also count la!

    2. yannie.. it will make you not so full(chai) when you take some sweet dessert..
      actually me want to pak tho (date) with fui fui mah.. kekekeke

  9. You had a very good and intimate celebration.

    This is nicer than going and and join the massive revelry around Kl. :-)

    Some more can get private viewing of fireworks at your balcony.

    Can grrr grrr while watch fireworks :-D

    1. SP, you sure is rich datuk, and not our Tan Sri Anay. He loves you so much. He was the one setting up the firework outside your balcony. Don't forget to thank him, ok?

  10. happy new year Simple Person!

    the pork chop your wifey prepared look delicious! it's a good idea topping a cheese on the chop!

    i had my celebration with boyfie and friends barbeque-ing at beach. wishing random strangers HAPPY NEW YEAR! it was really fun! just chillaxing by the beach with fooood! :)

  11. Wah, congrats on the win. So much nice goodies from aemround the world for you. :-)

    1. Ya, ya, congrats for striking the first prize! I kena first prize too during this new year - first one to get sick! Hah!

  12. Fatty pork + cheese = more excercise! :-D

    1. After watching firework at his balcony, he was so hot like burning flames. Fui Fui also hot like oven. Then you know what happened la! lina, pancut 13 times. 2013 ma!

  13. Nice meal prepared by your wife and must have been great moments watching the fireworks. That pumpkin soup is really tempting. I have 3/4 of pumpkin my fridge and tomorrow the soup will be done.

    Congrats for goodies you won and hope more will come.

  14. is that mayonnaise on the pizza? This alessio serve localised version of italian food ya?

  15. Whoa that's a lot of good foods and ong-ness :P
    Wish you a great 2013!

  16. btw, Black Ball is to date my favorite Taiwan dessert franchaise store.

  17. I I beginning to suspect your resolution. How come start with food and food? I thought you are going to show us something more healthier, like a thread mill or bicycle? Cheh....

    1. Anyway, it was a good way to start the year, with good food and loved one.

      I can't remember what I did in New Year's Day. Must be another ordinary day at home :)


    ahahaha new year day not simple at all la u :P

  19. Happy new year to you and wifey!

  20. congratulations on the items that you won! hmmmm you made me hungry with all the New Year food treats that you had but my favorite has got to be the pasta carbonara with fried chicken! :) Happy New Year to you and your family :)

  21. wow..wonderful wife, nice food, great gifts!! what more can you ask.. hahaha..
    Too bad there was a small plastic in the soup.. reminded me of one incident I experienced too.. over here in Malaysia, all like that, they changed new for us...if overseas, they will either not charge us or get sued.. hahahaa...

  22. Wife home cooking definitely nicer than those fine dining restaurant , you are a lucky husband !

  23. Happy 2013! Great way to start the new year!

  24. wow! such a sweet celebration..... at sarap ng foods... ^^

  25. Wah!!! Great start to the new year...darling cook special dinner...out romancing...and win prizes some more. Looks like it's going to be a great year for you eh?

  26. isn't it good to just celebrate with your love ones and make it simple.

    you are very lucky. you won again..... congratulations

  27. So many new places at Publika! The list to try is just getting longer. :-)

  28. Whoa my favorite Pasta carbonara. Agree with you the soup must be piping hot. Congratz for wining first prize pretty early in 2013. Great start.

  29. wah.. looks good lah!! your fui fui is really a good cook lor, the pork chop really looks nice!! and i just love Sanbanto, the food there very nice.. so their pork chop also taste nicer even bring back to cook?? hehe~~

    1. i realize you actually love to eat pork and pizza huh?? hehe.. but then seems like this alessio isn't really a must-go place huh??

    2. wah!! you got so many presents from Diana!! she is really very generous to give you so many things, seems like it's a collection of all souvenirs of her trips leh~~ 1st prize somemore!! when is she having giveaway again?? i wanna join also~~ :p

    3. looks like you had a nice new year celebration.. i thot you were meeting up with Anay at The Curve?? haiz, talk c**k again, hehehe!! anyway, great to spend more quality time with fui fui in a more cosy style.. :)

  30. Congras on your win! Lovely NY spent with your wife:D

    Hmmm...a plastic in the soup:( AT least they changed it for you but that's not supposed to be in the soup in the first place!

  31. happy new year, SP, to you and your missus. hope you have a great start to 2013!

  32. Love the smoke salmon pizza and fried chicken pasta, they looked so yummy! Happy 2013 to you and your family and more ong to come. Huat ah!

  33. yay you got Philippine shirt in there.. woot woot!

  34. Hi SP. Just saw this post of yours. So sorry. Miss out cause busy being a committee to organize annual dinner for my Girl Guides. Glad that you received my parcel. I am a bit worry that I might mix up parcels and sending to the wrong winners. Hehehe... You have a sweet life with ur wife. Bless both of you will be loving each other forever and ever. I also prefer simple meal at home, rather than stuck with so many people outside, right?

  35. I'm hungry now, I want that Pasta Carbonara with Crispy Chicken, and your wife's Hor Bao Chun.

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