Monday, December 31, 2012

The last day of 2012..

Finally the last day of 2012....
Do you feel excited to move on to a new year?
Well I am sure many of you will ask yourself
"What are the things that we had achieved so far and bla bla bla.."

As for me.. I don't think I had achieved a lot this year but these are my biggest achievement for 2012
1) Start back on this blog
2) Spend more time with my wife, family & friends.....
3) Get to know many great new friends from the blog sphere.

Thank you for being part of my achievements. I love & enjoy reading your blogs...
(some are really funny, some are very serious, and most of them are intentionally making me fat by telling where to eat good food.. lol)

Here are the people with no particular order........

Cynthia - very independent woman and very interesting blog
Choi Yen - making me hungry all the time when I read about her great makan post...
SK Ah Boy - The green boy and is great on his HAND JOB (I mean his artistry art)... very generous blogger. if you want to win something just spam on his blog....
Yummy Blog - Another blog that make me hungry all the time when I read about it....
Besides that give me great information about great hotels, great spas and etc...
Eugene - Giving me some great information on Parenting... and LIFE...
Sibu Food Mayor - Old bird that always make people hungry in the middle of the night... with his kampua noodles...
Sean - Another great blog that tell all the great makan place... It just make me want to try out all those great makan place... (it is part of my 2013 resolutions)...
Evelyn - good information on makan place and happening events...
Mr Lonely - A great kid and have a lot of theories of life...
Claire - Ipoh mummy and love to eat a lot of good food...
Wenn - Ipoh tau keh so.. also very generous of giving prizes to her readers...
Nava - where I learn how to cook indian food...
Pretty Lina - A runner, a mother, a wife that love to ngap Kote Mamak... lol..
Baby Sumo - I thought it was a sumo blog.. buy hey this sumo could cook... learn a lot new interesting cooking recipe
Banana - talks all types of Bananas.. pisang besar, pisang kecil ............
Bangsar Babe - Good genuine review about food....
Meitzeu - Good travel & food review... must hop to east malaysia one day to eat all those great food..
Huai Bin - Great review on happening events with featuring lots of pretty girls... :)
Pretty Hayley - A great new mummy....
Angeline - my wife read about her blog about girls stuff...
Fish - Great food review...always make my tummy go hungry....
Happy Surfer - A lady who loves about BALLS (Manchester United...)
Diana Teo - learn a lot of free & easy traveling...
Libby - her blog is fun, simple & easy to read...
Eat Only lar - So many great food..... how I wish I am a cow have 4 stomach
Charmaine - Pretty girl that share lots of happening events & good food review
Sonia - She is great in cooking & baking... learn a few tricks from her...
Annay - Know this great guy this year and he is like a big brother to me.. give me lots of advise.
Pretty Melissa - Another interesting girl that I know.. very funny and fun to talk with..
Ling - Just came across her blog... hope to see more for 2013..
Ant - Pretty happening girl study in PG and love to enjoy good food & fashion...
Pretty Flower (ah hua) - Great mummy and have a pair of lovely kids.. but sometime get very kinky.. lol
Vien - Pretty young lady who is great in her baking....
The joy of simple life - always amaze me with all those beautiful scenery and animals...
KianFai - Good review of movies.....
Merryn - I agree home is where my heart...
Foongpc - Kungfu panda that blogs a lot of happening places...
Ah Kam Ko Ko - A great noble teacher... he is a GOOD SINGLE MAN.. you hear me? grab this
opportunity before he is taken..
Smittenbyfood - I love all of her food review.. those food are really smitten...
black sesame - cute funny comic blog of a student..
Sibu Diva - pretty lady who enjoy great food...
Genskies - beautiful lady who share lots of great poem ....
June - another great blog about FOOD..
Pussy Cat - Nice tiny pussy who always thirst of food... if you bully her.. her Papa Pussy will come look for you.. (roar roar roar)
Fiseel - Pretty lady and i like to read her experience......
Pretty Hot Mama Yannie - The hottest pretty mama in Taiping..... I am sure the hubby will equipped with many Parang and Scissors after her bikini post.. becareful after your thing will be Ngap Ngap Ngap...

Sorry if I missed out some of you all......

Well I would like to take this opportunity to apologize if you feel that some of my comments are crazy, stupid and getting a bit to the extreme level..

My colleagues are saying that I am getting crazy..
that I could laugh by myself in the office (well I am actually reading those funny comments)...

I hope tomorrow will be a fantastic new year for everyone...
Happy New Year.........


  1. wah, thank you for including me on your list. i'm sincerely honored and i appreciate it :D
    but anyways, it was nice getting to know you online this year too, and reading about your escapades with your wife, your adventures in china, etc. looking forward to 2013, and hopefully it'll be a great one for you :D

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you, appreciate the effort!

      Here wishing you and family a happy new year 2013!!

  3. Ah Hua & Yannie,
    SP calls us pretty lah...:-)

    1. Finally, he called all of us pretty already.

    2. But then, he also call others pretty also. :-P

    3. I read through this list, many pretty readers he has. He wants to savour all pretty readers kah? Later fui fui chops off his brother.

    4. His mouth is so sweet in this post, calling all ladies pretty. He better talks sweet, otherwise his lil brother will kena chopped by all his female readers~ Wakakakaka!

    5. aiyah, actually in SP's vocab.. Handsome means Mr and then Pretty means Ms lah.. you all cannot decipher his code meh?? :D

  4. But, why you list me as the last one here?

    1. because you're special and he wants to "savour" you. Muahaha

    2. Do you know that the best things are usually kept until the very last minute?

      I don't know about you guys, but I usually leave the most favourite topping on my cake last and I eat the cake and icing first :D

      Hot Mama Yannie is the super delicious dessert for SP, bwahahaha!

    3. LOL! Agreed...I oso keep the best for the last!

    4. that is called 壓軸登場!! the most important VVIP is always the last to be introduced mah..

  5. SP, did you need to rush to toilet to pat dry your trousers after looking at Yan's post fir today, ah? :-D

    1. lina, SP peeing at his pants kah?

    2. Pancut~








    3. headlines for tomorrow:

      TSUNAMI in Petaling Jaya
      (PJ 31st December 2012) The Tsunami CCY hit Petaling Jaya this morning when blogger SP logged on to his PC and made a world record breaking pancut of all times.. It was later verified that his pancut was stimulated by a photo found on the blog named "Blog with Yan" ..

  6. Happy New Year 2013 to you, SP. You a indeed a very great simple person that I know in 2012.

    1. SP is not simple at all, he's very complicated one~ He's the wolf in sheep's skin.

    2. is that why Anay kept saying that he is a hypocrite?? hahahaha~~ :D

  7. Wow....I am in the list oso leh! @_@
    Really good summary lor...In future if I want look for source..I can look at the summary.
    Happy Beer New Year SP!!

    1. And oso..thank you for calling me 'ah leng'... kekeke.... ^_^

    2. Why beer for new year?

      Should have wish him a Berry and Cherry New Year! May SP and wifey stay happy, healthy and hamsap throughout the year!

  8. I saw my name! Happy to the max and thank you so much for mentioning me here. Never thought at all. Glad to know you too in blogsphere and hopefully we could meet up if you come over to Sabah. In between, do check my blog tonite at 10pm onwards. =D

  9. Thanks a lot for the friendship and love that spending more time with your family is priority. Take care and HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU AND YOUR MRS.

  10. Thank you, thank you... Glad I made it to your list! Happy New Year 2013 to you and your loved ones! Cheers!

  11. I was scrolling down to see my name...panicked a bit when I couldnt see it...and when I finally did, I felt very happy! hahahaa... See, I am easily pleased... Thanks for the year end "gift!" Happy New Year!

  12. wah, this post is like SP got an award and he is reading his thank you lists..
    yes lah, for sure he got an award lah.. he got the Most Hamsap Blogger Award mah, right?? :D

    1. very true.. i think blogging sort of connect the people and make friends.. it's really a bliss to know so many great friends through blogging, not forgetting all those crazy moments and cracking comments that make our days.. :)

    2. aiyoh, the Green SK Ah Boy?? what a name, kakakaka!! how do you know i am green?? i am very red one lah, so popular now after your introduce me, you know or not?? hahahaha~~ :D

    3. that is indeed a very long list, you have time to read so many blogs!!

    4. HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013 to you and fui fui.. wishing your new year will be full of health, wealth and stealth (for peeping BBW)!! :)

  13. Wow, I am so excited to be listed ! Have a great New Year ahead. Nice to know you via blogging!

  14. haha..I am just a worker like the others. :)
    Happy 2013!

  15. awwwwww :) Thank you for your kind words!!!!!!!!!! anyway, HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and all your loved ones!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

  16. Happy New Year 2013 so Bananaz talking pisang gajah and pisang tikus huh haha

  17. Haha, i takda theory one~
    well, thanks you and Happy new year 2013!

  18. Thanks for putting me on your list, pleasure knowing u too. Happy New Year! :)

  19. Hey thanks for mentioning me in your list, it's great to know you too! Happy New year to you and your family. Actually I am quite positive about 2013 and i am thankful for 2012! Cheers!

  20. THANX for the listing! Blessed new year to you and your wifey..and your loved ones too!

  21. And me: Coffee Girl - coffee addict who rambles on and on... :p

    Happy New Year to you! Have a blessed year ahead.

  22. I will continue make you hungry, haha!!
    Happy 2013 to you & family!

  23. thanks for sharing.

  24. lol. they must have seen your smirk while reading those funny comments.

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  26. Happy Happy New Year! This is my first time I visited yout blog. Keep on posting ^_^

  27. Replies
    1. duno la...getting old already so dont really feel the "new year" mood yet :p

  28. Wow! Thanks for the shoutout mate! I'm really honored to be there.

    It's been a pleasure knowing you buddy, been reading your posts since I stumbled upon your blog last year. It's been great and refreshing reading about your life and your family and especially your honest and genuine food reviews.

    Looking forward to more in 2013!

    Happy New Year! :D

  29. thanks for the honorable mention my dear friend hahaha

    my review is not deep enough from my view . . . and I really pro in talking crap but I dun dare to talk too much crap :X

  30. hahaha :) cheers to friendship. feel free to visit sibu or kuching, me and sibu food mayor would be delighted to show you around!

  31. thanks for keeping me in mind... I shall blog more too in 2013! Happy New Year!