Saturday, March 31, 2012

最棒的油炸鬼 .....

There are lots of Yao Tiau shops around.... Some in d wet market, side road, n in the shopping mall.. 
I love to eat Yao Tiau a lot....
But sometimes when u c d frying oil... It was so black n it turns me off..

I was at SS2 pasar malam on Thurs night ..
There has a stall selling the best Yau Tiao...
the stalls is in front of Mee Yoke Lim (but now change to how how sek restaurant) @ PJ SS2 Cheow Yang
It always very floffy n fresh....
the best thing is the oil..they use new oil everytime .. do not recycle...
They do open in the morning ..

There is always lots of customer waiting to buy the Yao Tiau ..
Sometimes u need to wait for half an hour.... But it all worth it........

Best Yao Tiao
3 workers only..... all local no foreigners.....

in the process of making Yao Tiau....
u c the bottle . d guy use it as rolling stick..

The yellow colour oil ....... the fried food are safe to eat...

It looks golden yellow .. very delicious...


  1. They look golden and delicious. :-)

  2. Me love 油炸鬼! Good on its own or with coffee!

  3. I like it too. Thanks for sharing it.

  4. For me,the only i eat yao cha guak is to must to have a cup of hot hot kopi o,,, dunk it and let the kopi o soak into the YCG,, then slowly let it drain to your mounth,,,,heavenly lah

    hey bro,have a great April ya

  5. I always see ppl queuing up at this stall! but I nv try it before.. too lazy to wait. =p

  6. oooh, i've never known where's a good place to get yao tiau in KL. it's quite addictive ... if it's good, i think i can eat four or five pieces at one go :D

  7. This Chinese and Indian husband and wife couple are staying upstairs in the shop lot and I used to buy their goodies too. They have been here with their stall for many many years and though I don't stay in SS2 anymore, still try to grab some of the goodies whenever I pass by this same area.

  8. I need to go out after this to hunt for something to eat, getting hungry looking at your food pictures.

    oooh, i've never known where's a good place to get yao tiau in KL. it's quite addictive

    the iced earl grey looks tempting!

  9. When it is hot, it's super sedap!!!


  10. Go with kopi-o, the best! By the way, I have a blog giveaway at my blog, you are welcome to take part in it! cheers!

  11. What are those in the last photo? Don't look like yew tiao to mee... Not thin and long leh?

    1. d yao tiau already finish ... and waiting for the next production ..
      the one in the last pic is the "ham chim peang"
      like a bun with red bean paste....
      all their fried stuff are sold immediately..
      no left overs ..

  12. New oil every time? Never knew that but yes this is one of the few yummy stalls that I remember. Worth the wait:D

  13. I will check the frying oil before buying any fried food :P

  14. nowadays the yao char kuai is getting smaller and smaller in size. i hope this one at thurs night market is still big and yummy :)

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