Saturday, March 24, 2012

Everyone has problem ..... shall end with a light.....

It's been a very tiring week for me..
I had another visitor from my HQ (from the same dept.)
The reason for his visit is to fine tune the same direction with the Italy HQ and our Malaysia branch office..
He checked and verified on all our process flows n etc..

He is a very experiene guy and a very knowledgeable person...
During his 1 week stay.. he had taught me a lot of things.....
We share on our opinions on our dept and how it shall be manage and how to move forward ...

I would like to share this with you all some of his advise....

"Problems are like treasure...
They are the gold nuggets to be mine and not garbage to be buried..
what is necessary.. is to make them visible ....
start to think when you face a problem ...
.. and find it a way to solve it and transform it is to be an opportunity...
first thing to learn...
to be honest with ourself and with others.... do not ever hide the problems.."

he ended with a a good joke..
Problems is always around us .. but we need to have the heart and determination to solve the problems..
if we do... we shall always find the light at the end of the tunnel.....
(talking softly .. hopefully the light from the end of the tunnel is not from the train coming from the opposite direction........).. LOL..

my sifu .... (all the girls in my company love him)..
very Italian macho look ...
He hates the a/c and he always wears a sweater..

I reached home quite late last night and was extremely tired......
Thought of going out for dinner with my wife ..
but she insisted to stay home and cook something for me....

Agio olio with spam luncheon meat n half boil egg..

close up of the egg ..
after the dinner she ask me for RM40 ....
(the same cost that we ate at Teow Chew Meng last Fri.)


  1. Heheh, I think it would have been fair to pay your wife for that delicious treat ... Though maybe you can negotiate a 30 percent spouse discount :D

  2. Life is always full with problems, but there's always a solution to it. So, cheers and take things easy.

  3. Very smart...your wife! But should ask for more - with special ingredient - love. Outside, don;t have...

  4. haha. your wifey is funny! then i shall do the same to the boy who always orders half boiled whenever we at Old Town tsk!

    and the guailou... /shy

  5. ya... life is always full of problems.. all the best to u and me~ =D

  6. That guy looks attractive too with nice smile and I can understand why is such a fav among the girls.
    Wonderful meal by your wife, its very nice of her to do so.

  7. well, life must have such problems to make it more exciting so that human would live their life to continuously enjoy the bittersweet process :)

    Latest: Walk This Way or "Wok Dish Way"?

  8. cool advice! really meaningful :)

  9. Hee, hee! The more I hear about your wife the more I like her. Did you pay up? :-)

  10. Your wife is funny! And she's quite a cook. The pasta looks awesome. With an egg as well. Magical!

  11. Oh, I like that Italian guy, too. Macho-ly man, hihihih!

  12. Your wifey homecooked dinner was not bad. Look quite appetizing, especially with half boiled egg for additional protein.

  13. Good encouraging words!
    Hmmm...I see your dinner taste good le...hehe

  14. A very smart and handsome Italian guy, hehehe..your wife pasta look so yummy.