Friday, June 22, 2012

It's a madness....

This is what I saw when I reached there....

The queue start from outside the hotel...

So many people queue up to go to the Clarks warehouse sales...
The price is really cheap compare to those retails shops that you find in the mall.....

This is what I got.. Price : RM200
Original price RM540 (a very good bargain)...
I like the narrow end ... very stylish .. ying..
Hmm I guess that Clarks is looking into style ... not only comfort...
very soft leather....

After that we went Woo Pin to have breakfast.....

Woo Pin Fish Head noodles... Malaysia BEST..

It is kinda empty on Fri morning...
but normally it is very crowded....

All tables are to be shared..... LOL

We ordered fish paste noodles - 1 big and 1 small....

very rich with milk, lots of xiao xing chiu (chinese wine), tomato, ginger, pickle vege...
the bihun texture is difference from the normal bihun..,,
Very delicious....

of course with their house specialty chili sauce...

The licin (smooth) bowl..


  1. I just had Woo Pin on Wednesday.. they have one more outlet now in Sri Petaling... yummy yummy ones.. the other one that ppl talking abt is the Cheras level 4 fish head noodle.. shall try that one day..

  2. Never mind. I'll stick to my BATA! LOL!!! Wah...kopitiam stuff so expensive - must be really special and nice!

  3. more than half price discount! no wonder the crowd is so unbearable :X

    Latest: BBQ with Wine

  4. Taman Desa opened the second outlet...which one you went?

    So your kasut will keep for next CNY????

  5. ying ah! I didnt manage to go there la.. too bad! hahaha...
    hey, I like fish head mihun but minus the milk please... i prefer those with salted vegetables and tomatoes... :)

  6. you got a pretty great deal there, enjoy your new shoes, and wish to have a taste of those yummy soup!

  7. The hotel certainly looks busy.


  8. Wah!!! RM200!!! Can buy 4 pairs of mine... LOL!!! Very nice, I must say...and got class one.;)

  9. I like your choice of Clarks. Really yeng. Hahaha! Didn't your wife get anything for herself. Wow! The fish noodles looked so delicious.

  10. cool-looking shoes! now i wish i had woken up early and gone to line up to buy also! i only have one pair of work shoes, and it's two years old already :D

  11. wow you got the best sale ever :)

  12. Used to go to Woo Pin for their noodles but of late, I frequent to the other one (Win Soon Cafe) in Kuchai Lama. It is closer to my home. Hehe.

  13. wow, that's crazy lah.. friday morning and yet so many people already queuing up for the warehouse sale!! no need to work ah?? i think many took leave just like you~~ :D

  14. RM200 for that RM540 shoes!! wow, that's more than 50% off.. but then don't you think you can also get this from the mega sales in shopping malls too??

  15. i like this fish head noodles!! used to go to their outlet in Old Klang Road, i always order the fish paste instead of fish head.. but wow, it's been awhile and they have increased the price!!

  16. hmmm, makes me feel like having a bowl for lunch later, haha!! anything hot and soupy will be nice.. since i think i'm still recovering from my trip~~ :p

  17. Wahahah....indeed very licin wor. Can use as mirror edi.
    So long Q...but at least you gotten a pair of shoe that you like. And a correct size =)

  18. Clarks is a bit overpriced in KL, if u get to visit UK, you can get them pretty cheap. They also have an "outlet" (like FOS) that sells it at 70% off.

  19. next time must inform me if there is a warehouse sales again :P

  20. huhu sure it is a comfy shoe hehe