Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Chicken Rice ?

Do you ever wonder why there are a lot of chicken rice shops out there?
This is because everyone loves to eat chicken rice... - (stupid statement -fai wah)
I like to eat chicken rice (at least 1x/week).
I usually go to O n S resturant (Sea Park) n Hong Seng (SS17).

Especially the Hong Seng chicken rice restaurant, you can see there is always a lot of people line up to buy chicken rice...

Well that is the restaurant gimmick ... you have to line up in order to place the order.
So when outside people look at it, their perceptions is "wow so many people line up for chicken rice and it should be very very good......."
Rule #1 - people usually go to a restaurant with a lot of customers
Reason - if the food is not delicious at least the food is fresh.
(many customer = fast turn over of food = food is fresh = Fresh is Tasty)

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