Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Bye Santa n Hello 2012

Time really flies.... Christmas 2011 was over and now we are waiting and welcom-ing for year 2012...
This Christmas was rather unsual for me ...
Parents came over my place.
We had a good Christmas Eve dinner together with my parents & my sister and her family.

We went to Selayang for a chinese dinner (thought of going to those Western restaurant but ... dad is the problem....)
My dad is a very typical chinese man. He only takes those traditional chinese dish......
(eg. if we order crab - it must be sweet n sour and he will not eat those cheese crab, salty egg crab .. those are NO NO for him).
I did enjoy the dinner a lot (the food, the taste and also the price was really good).

We ordered -
1) Teochew steam fish,
2) Yam pot,
3) Fried la la,
4) sweet n sour port,
5) sweet n sour crab,
6) claypot tofu,
7) Fried prawn mantis with salty egg

All it cost only RM270 for 7 adults and 2 childrens. A good deal ya...
The name of the restaurant is "I Really Love To Eat Teochew Seafood".
(no kidding .. that is the real name of the restaurant).....

After the dinner we went to Tropicana City Mall to watch Sherlock Holmes...
(it was kinda OK OK for me .. but the kids seems to be really boring.. mum n dad trying their best not to fall asleep)
Regret for not getting MI for them.. well there is always next time ......

Wish you all Merry Christmas .. (it is late better than none)....
Cheers ...

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