Sunday, January 12, 2014

Family n Friends are the best......

Life wasn't so simple after Ze-Chern (ZC) was born.....
Many things to do n many sleepless night...:(
Of course process of making is more simple and easy..... Lol

Every now and then you can hear baby crying in the house....
It means time to feed ZC, change his diaper, swaddle him when his hand come out from the blanket.... Etc etc etc....

Believe me guys it is not easy....
You need all the help that you could get and we were lucky as all our family members & friends came over to support and help us....

However we were unfortunate and got a lousy confinement lady....
This CL knows nothing and just tell us that she will do whatever we tell her to do so...
The best part is that she could immediately fall asleep within a sec with deep snore...
When ZC cry she doesn't even feel like waking up.....
We were worried when she take care ZC at night...
Scare that she use all hot water to mix the milk, drop ZC when she was sleepy & so on....

Fui Fui decided not to continue her service...
She would rather take care on her own rather always feel worry n monitor what might done wrong by the cl....

I call up all my friends and asking for good confinement lady...
All my friends help us to look for cl....
At the end I found one good cl with the help from meow meow....

This new cl is really GREAT
Easy going, friendly, responsible......
The best part is that she will try to think on how to help you so that you were not so stress
With her you have worried free about baby problems and make you want to make babies
So a football team is not an issue.. muahahahaha...

We were so lucky to get her.... Furthermore this cl is a great cook...
She brought 3 big bags on cooking utensils and she told me that she must use her own utensils to cook..
I m so impressed...and soon will be putting few kgs lol....
This cl is very friendly and she told me that got ppl start to book her when they are trying to conceive....
Lol ... I told her that I could be her manager and manage all her schedule....

I am really appreciate on all the help and support from all the friends and family members...

hmm.... with her help I think I could go for few rounds of happy hour at Brussels .. hehehehe...

Good sleep after drinking milk....

ZC signature sleeping pose....


  1. ZC is so adorable, so enjoy the nice and tiring moments. Confinement ladies are so in big demand these days and they also demand big fat amount too.

  2. yay, love the photos of ZC. really cute baby. when he grows up, he's going to have many secret admirers :D

  3. what's with baby and chubby cheeks ar! *cubiiit* :P

    my bff just got pregnant and i am sooo excited for her! heck it's as if im the one pregnant. =.= but no, i have no intention to become one anytime soon!

    i have to advice her to start booking a CL now!

  4. oh my! the first CL quite dangerous ~but it was good that you discontinue it, the baby is sooo adorb!!

  5. Good that you hv got a dependable cl. Take care and enjoy yr fatherhood.

  6. well, it is great to have new born, it could make you learn a lot of things. I learn about babysitting while helped to take care my sis daughter too. Take care and wishing you the very best!

  7. oh, great that you could find a good confinement lady through Meow to take care of Fui Fui.. so what's next?? a good nanny to take care of Ze Chern, so that you can have more rounds at Brussels and also your "manufacturing factory"??

  8. Ooi!!! Confinement lady is for the mum, not for you!!! Don;t eat too much or you'll end up looking very pregnant after the month is over. LOL!!!

  9. Aww, what a beautiful child! SP, Congratulations to you and your Missus!

    True, it's not easy to get a good CL but glad you got one in the end (thanks to Meow) as well as having a great support system of family and friends. From the many experiences from my friends and colleagues, there are lots of pantang that a new mom has to follow which modern young moms may think nothing of. However, to follow the pantang would ensure better health in old age, I believe.

    If I remember correctly, the most important thing is not to be in contact with water so much. This is to prevent from getting rheumatism in old age. This one I believe because I've seen colleagues who are suffering now because they didn't pay attention to it. Get the CL to do ALL the washing and washing up, that's what she's there for.

    Another thing I hear is to rest the back more (to prevent from future backache), which means the new mom would need to lie down more instead of getting up to do things or take care of the baby, etc. This one, that's what the CL is there for too. The CL is basically there to ensure that the mom gets enough rest during the confinement period as well as to prepare good confinement food to boost up the health of the new mom. Besides getting up to eat and go to the bathroom, her duty is actually just to lie down and rest. Period. In this day and age, I think no new mom could do that, right? Oh well, it's for the best.

    Btw, don't forget the D.O.M. Brandy is great too. :D

    Enjoy your new life, SP! MU forever! Oops! They're not so great this season, huh?. Maybe I should change club?! Nah!!
    Take care, you! Yes, do keep us posted on your little prince, that's what this blog is for, eh? Cheers!

  10. That horrible ah the previous CL. Glad to be of help. ANyway, no me help pun. It's my friend who helped

    Hope things will go smoothly now on.

    wei food is for fui fui not for you la.....

  11. Congras!!! Blessed 2014 to you and whole family!!!

  12. Nowadays lots of aunties try to become a CL but no experience because it is quite well paid. It is best to get recommendation from close friend. Thank goodness Meow save ur days...

    Happy Parenting!

  13. Congrats on your new arrival! It will get easier.

  14. congratulations, she is so cute, indeed, family and friends are the best

  15. Wow! I'm happy for you!

    Being a dad must be fun (and stressful). Cheers mate! :)

  16. After being a father, you start to appreciate family like parents more. You have finally grown up, SP. I am sure you will be a good father to Ze Chern. Do not forget to be more caring to fui fui too. It isn't easy to be a new mom and new dad. Lots of things to learn, and the arrival of Ze Chern will change your life totally.

    1. Being a parent is never an easy job, I know it 10 years ago. Ze Chern will give lots of joy and fun, at the same time he will also give plenty of trouble and head ache, you just need to take it as a challenge. Enjoy your fatherhood, and welcome to parenting world.

  17. Ze Chern is such a nice name.
    Taking care of baby is never easy. But I guess its worth it when you see him grows. Most importantly is they are healthy then you will get less headache. Wahh...the previous CL...never sleep before ka?!! So, are you going to pay more to continue with current CL till Ze Chern is few months old? hhehehe.... :-p
    "Of course process of making is more simple and easy"... really that easy meh?? @_@

    1. Lupa add on.... Ze Chern look quite leng cai... ^_^

  18. Wei wei, how's the going? Getting enough sleep yet? haha..

  19. congratulations! and have a happy new year. God bless you and your little family! :)

  20. My friend hired a super lousy CL too and make her baby's butt butt got infection, see also wanna cry >.<

  21. Can I have the Meow contact number? plss. urgently look for one good CL ...

  22. Urgently look for one good CL now.. can you please share your CL contact?TQ

  23. Hi there,

    Came across your blog as I am searching for a good CL too. Is it ok if you could share her contact? I have had contacted a few and they are already booked.

    Many thanks in advance!

  24. Mind to share ur CL contact? Pls email to