Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Time ........

Gee.. It has been 6 months since my last update..
time really flies..
Well nothing to be blame but just being LAZY.... lol

I always have problem with catching up with TIME... 
Waking up in the morning is a nightmare for me... 
Without an alarm clock will be a BIG problem to me...

All the while I been using handphone as alarm clock..
My wife always complain about it and instruct me to off it during sleep....
Coz all the electromagnetic radiation emits from the handphone really harmful to our body...
Well it is true also.. we been exposed by the h/p EM everyday and should off it when we sleep....

Previously I bought a conventional alarm clock but use only one day...
coz my wife couldn't sleep due to the "Tik Tock Tik Tock" sound.......

I just got my new digital alarm clock and it really ROCKS....
It has the function that a LAZY man needs .. SNOOZE... 
so that I could continue to sleep few more times after the alarm on... lol...
But what impressed me is the light sensor... 
When the light is off or (grrrr grrrr time) it still have a white dim light that could be visible on the alarm clock display..
It only cost RM30... and get a Happy FUI FUI.. lol

Hopefully with this alarm clock, it will reminds me to blog and read blog more often.. lol...
Few more weeks we will be celebrate Christmas and the New Year...
2014 will be a very special & exciting new year for me.. Looking forward for it...

Glad to be back...... 


  1. Woah...finally you are back in action with an alarm clock to remind you that you've neglected your poor blog. kekeke....
    You with your 'grrr grrr' caption. LOL!!

    "2014 will be a very special & exciting new year for me.. Looking forward for it..."... Ya....of course. All the best :-)

  2. Glad that you are back too. Its still alarm from my phone, whatever the impact may be. Every time I invest in alarm clock, it just kaput after a few months.

  3. fuyoh the kukubird is back to blogging?? errr, now he admits he has been LAZY instead of the BUSY lame excuses he has been giving, hehehehe!! hope the next post will not be another 6 months later lah~~ :D

  4. yay, i miss your sense of humor in your writing. it always makes me smile :D

  5. He's alive!!!! Behold, a miracle!!! Muahahahahaha!!!!

  6. Wahhhhhh!!!! Digits on the clock sooooo big! Good for people "old flower" eyes> :D

    Now you said it, I am worried.. I also use my hp as my alarm each morning... worried that my kids might call me in the middle of the night so I never off my hp... now what should I do...

  8. wow, really 6 month passed so fast! welcome back~ XD

  9. wow, you are back finally! We were thinking, where did you disappear? :)
    anyway, welcome back!

  10. yeah, it's been that long, i actually was surprised to see an update from my feed, glad to see you back!!

  11. Welcome back buddy! :)

    Well, if you have an Android phone, you can set it so that it wakes with your alarm e.g. the phone switches off completely but wakes up during your alarm. Some phones don't have this feature though so it needs an app but the latest update does.

  12. Welcome back! I also being told that it is better to switch off hp and put it far away from bed but it's hardly for me to do so. I also agree with what Huai Bin said. Android phone has this function even though you completely switch off your hp.

  13. After this idiot updates his blog, I smell Ah Hua is next one soon!!!

  14. Welcome back sp! Now we have one more joker in the blogging circle other than tm

  15. Welcome back sp! Now we have one more joker in the blogging circle other than tm

  16. i got a shock when you commented on my blog! :) welcome back! :)

  17. Many years I never use.. alarm clock.. because it's been very annoying and noisy. I switched to HP with softer ringing tones. Some of the sound really frightening... I been busy late.. I hardly blogging.. just run through your blog.. btw congrats for your new born.. Please write more.. hoping to get some updates from you from time to time... Take care... new papa n mama in life... :)