Monday, March 19, 2012

You won something.....

my whatsapp conversation with my wife baby... you won a special prize........
Wife : oh really ..oh what I won?
me : a big prize ...
wife : really .. from where n what prize (sound very excited)..
me : you just won a dinner with your fei chai (fei chai = me)...
wife : chech..........

We went to Teo Chew Meng in PJ... (Teochew style)
We been staying around the area and yet we have not try it.

My MIL is Teochew ... so I guess that is why we don't eat there ....
later i complaint why her teochew food is not good (no comparison) LOL ..
just joking... later no more dinner for me....

We ordered the mee sua n oyster noodles which is the restaurat specialty...

lots of oyster, small prawns, fish ball .. the gravy is nice (like loh mee)
I like the taste

my wife order the seafood mee sua
fake shark fin, crab stick, n some fresh fish meat

The portion is kinda small .. I could say that it is just nice...
We ordered a side dish to make ourself slighty full...

seafood roll .. just average ..
i think it is more or less like those hawker loh bak ...

then d bill comes ....

RM41.45 for the food .. it is very expensive ......

the mea sua n the oyster mee is worth to try ....
there are others specially .. porridge with seafood .....


  1. LOL at the conversation.... :P

    Yep, I too agree the meal is abit expensive.

  2. Heheh, you also won something ... You won a dinner with your wife. So you're both winners! :D

  3. Waaaa...expensive!! But funny la you...kacau your wife. :P

  4. hahaha :D Won a big prize from fei chai and RM41 means expensive. -__-

  5. RM15? RM12? Like the mee sua I had at Jalan expensive and it was not nice at all, I gave up halfway!!!

  6. The oyster noodles looks so good and this is one of my fav with that gravy oozing and floating inside.

  7. Hhahaha....funny lah you. RM40 poorer but money can't buy a happy fei chai with a wonderful wife =)

  8. aww..... romantic nyer! My hubs tarak whatsapp pun. even sms oso he won't sms macam ni :(

  9. Hee! I like your wife. You are a winner :-)

  10. Eh, I just saw prawn roe in the banner of fried oyster mee... how come yours don't have one?

  11. hehehe...that's cute and romantic:P

    driven passed this shop many times but wasn't too sure to expect. now i know...and the one dish i know i will order is the fried oyster noodle. i love oysters:D

  12. Teow chew Meng is very expensive and the food tasted so so only. I trie it at Penang before.

  13. Haha, witty line to get your wife to go along for a Teochew dinner ;)
    I think someone told me that Teochew Meng originates from Penang; yeah, the land of the Hokkiens, and they have a few outlets here last time. I don't see them around anymore, or maybe they have decided to move their business down to KL city.
    Anyway, from my past experience, it was not that good; the food and price and there was this once where I was overcharged or charged for something I did not order, and I remembered it not ending in a very good way and since then I don't go there anymore.
    I do agree the food is really expensive, and like most said, the food is on the average only :p

  14. Opsss.. dont let your MIL see this post.. She will KILL you i think... By the way where is this shop located? Any landmark?

    1. Teow Chew Meng Restaurant
      33 Jalan SS2/30, Petaling Jaya
      (The row of shophouses behind New Formosa Restaurant
      and is the same row as Lobsterman)
      Tel: 03 - 78779298