Wednesday, January 25, 2012

2nd day CNY - Dinner at Golden Dragon Restaurant, Klang......

My MIL decided to eat dinner at Golden Dragon Restaurant.
This is my 2nd visit.
3 words to describe this restaurant - Peng Leng Cheng (PLC)
I am really looking forward to go to this restaurant

                  There are 2 GIANT fish at their aquarium ... (so maybe it is call Dragon Restaurant)

                                                                 Our set dinner meal

                                                                  1st Dish - Salmon Loh Sang

                                                               2nd Dish - Pun Choy

                                                        3rd Dish - 4 Combinations

                               4th Dish - 2 kind of Fish (Cod Fish) - Steam n Fried with almond

                                                               5th Dish - Big Prawns

                                              6th Dish - Stir Fry Kai Lan w/ Small Anchovies

All of it only cost RM530 nett for 7 persons.... 
We can't even finished and we have to take away....

Looking forward for the 3rd visit.......
2 thumbs up.....


  1. Hey, the food looks good! Been looking for a place that serves affordable Chinese food for CNY dinner.

    How was the pun choy?

  2. Bangsar Babe - The pun choy was GREAT.. The restaurant is famous of PUN CHOY.... the portion is big, many varieties .... you could add on the abalone if you want....
    That day we saw some new dishes.. Sauna Prawn and Kau Yuk with steam bun .. looks nice n yummy ...
    I am looking forward for my 3rd visit...
    Btw - my wife likes to read your blog.. your review "Very Genuine"

    1. Thanks! Will go check this place out. Please thank your wife for me. :)

  3. The pun choi looks good, n the prawn are really big!!!! Sauna prawn??? Looking fwd to ur review on it!!

  4. FiSeel - Yup super big prawns.. Not so soon i will be there again .. Y not you go and try it... It is PLC.. LOL

  5. gosh, i haven't had poon choi this chinese new year yet. and i don't think i'll get the chance, since i'll be traveling for work next week already. the one you had here looks great!
    i've actually never eaten in klang before. don't have any family members or friends in klang, and don't know the area well enough to drive around there. and it feels too far away, heheh (ok, i know, too many excuses) :D

  6. Sean - ooo then you are missing a lot.. Klang food is really good... Happy travelling....

  7. So much food! I love the way Malaysians eat. :-)

  8. The yum list - Is consider less...
    We only order 6 dishes..
    After we eat the pun choy.. we already very full...

  9. Mana address? I Google poon choy cone out is lyj restaurant.

  10. Kucing, google the name of the restaurant on the photograph and you will get this:
    I think the one you took me to nicer lah...and some more Eric Tsang also went there to eat. Hehehehehehe!!!!